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HOW-TO-GUIDE: How to download and install updates on the USB Stick?


If you purchased pay update(s) and/or added free updates to the installation queue, please click on the Updates button in the menu bar on the left hand side. This is the last step to update your USB Stick.


The Updates button will open a screen which shows all available updates, including:

  • items that you have purchased but not yet installed (updates or extras),
  • free updates and extras that you added to the installation queue from the Catalogue,
  • and special free updates (which are normally pay updates but your manufacturer or the Site operator provides them to you free of charge).

The list shows all available updates by region in a list and on a world map.

Naviextras Toolbox installation


Simple installation

By default, all items belonging to all regions are selected for installation. If you decide to skip a region for now, uncheck the checkbox at the beginning of its table row.

After reviweing the table, click Install at the bottom of the screen to start the installation process.

Toolbox will start downloading and installing the selected updates. A double status bar shows you the progress: the one on top shows the total ratio of the job already done, and the one at the bottom shows progress with the current file. Please wait until you receive a message that the operation is completed.

Naviextras Toolbox installation